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Marche Malik: Aventures In The 18th Arrondissement

By Daniela

It was cold and rainy in Paris today (September 26). AM was determined to get a wall so we ventured forth into the chilly streets of the 18th Arrondissement, where we were to meet up with Banga. He has kept his shop in the Marche Malik for 15 years and is a respected artist in the graff scene.

Entrance to Marche Malik

Check out Banga’s piece below dedicated to DONDI, which was inspired by Martha Cooper's iconic photo:

AM and Banga walk around Marche Malik

Banga’s shop was filled with custom shirts, hats, and other fresh gear.

After we looked around, Banga took us out back to a wall filled with pieces by some names that made AM quite excited.

As in most circles, AM’s relationships in the graff world are built on existing ones. In this case, she was able to go to Paris and was referred by people in the states to amazing people like Banga in Paris who could hook her up with a wall.

AM’s cred as an artist and good person made these exchanges happen, which is pretty inspiring.

Banga then took us to a nearby gallery called GRAFF’ ART, where the owner invited us to a party happening October 10.

Nearby, Banga showed AM a wall that he said she could paint on Tuesday (9/28)!! It’s above an antique-style shop, on the roof:

When we returned to Banga’s shop, AM and I were delighted to a meet a fellow female graff lover.

Now we’re back at our flat. This evening’s activities: AM prepped for Monday’s meetings/Tuesday’s wall session and obsessed over her iPhone. I’m still editing photos and video, excited about AM’s next mission and all of the fun activities planned for this second week.

AM remains calm

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